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Listen to this interview of Rebekka Burkholz, faculty at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. We talk about the composition of research groups and of research papers.

Rebekka Burkholz : "I have the feeling that this meta-reading becomes more important as a person's career progresses. Because early on, a researcher is typically very focused on the details of each paper and they try to understand what this method does and so on — and of course, researchers need to begin that way, really spending the time to attain to expertise in a particular focus. But with time, as a researcher has seen more ideas (and of course, in one particular focus, methods and questions all share some similarity), then the person acquires more and more overview as they continue reading. They are reading, essentially, for the links between findings, for implications of the findings and those links — and in this way, a more experienced reader of the research actually becomes engaged in a sort of literature discussion."

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