Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández, "Narratives of Vulnerability in Mexico's War on Drugs" (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020)


Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández's book Narratives of Vulnerability in Mexico's War on Drugs (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020) explores the current human rights crisis created by the War on Drugs in Mexico. It focuses on three vulnerable communities that have felt the impacts of this war firsthand: undocumented Central American migrants in transit to the United States, journalists who report on violence in highly dangerous regions, and the mourning relatives of victims of severe crimes, who take collective action by participating in human rights investigations and searching for their missing loved ones. Analyzing contemporary novels, journalistic chronicles, testimonial works, and documentaries, the book reveals the political potential of these communities' vulnerability and victimization portrayed in these fictional and non-fictional representations. Violence against migrants, journalists, and activists reveals an array of human rights violations affecting the right to safe transit across borders, freedom of expression, the right to information, and the right to truth and justice.

Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández is an Associate Professor at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and Director of the Latin American Studies Program at Vilanova University.

Minni Sawhney is Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Delhi, India. She specializes on the U.S. Mexican border literature, the narco novel and narco corrido.

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Minni Sawhney is a professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Delhi

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