Solving Public Problems with Beth Noveck


In this episode of International Horizons, we present the recording of a book talk by John Torpey, Ralph Bunche Institute director, with Beth Noveck, author of Solving Public Problems: How to Fix Our Government and Change Our World (Yale University Press, 2021). Noveck begins by underlining that we humans are doing better than ever materially, but we are not doing as well as we must to address the problems we face. The author also talks about the need to address governance to cope with the change we need and the ways in which this can be done through a combination of engaging with communities and training government officials in problem-solving. This training will develop skills to use quantitative and qualitative evidence to source solutions from the citizenry. Noveck also discusses some examples of these practices in Iceland, Canada, and the State of New Jersey and the ways in which AI can help to streamline governance and participatory democracy.

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