Miguel Nicolelis

Mar 9, 2022

The Urgent Need for Effective International Cooperation

Pandemic Perspectives 1

New Books Network 2022

In this first Pandemic Perspectives Podcast, Ideas Roadshow founder and host Howard Burton talks to Duke University neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis who became trapped in his native Brazil when the pandemic exploded in early 2020 and found himself returning to his epidemiological roots, becoming co-leader of an impromptu scientific committee to advise 9 Brazilian Governors.

Ideas Roadshow's Pandemic Perspectives Project consists of three distinct, reinforcing elements: a documentary film (Pandemic Perspectives), book (Pandemic Perspectives: A filmmaker's journey in 10 essays) and a series of 24 detailed podcasts with many of the film's expert participants. Visit www.ideasroadshow.com for more details.

Howard Burton is the founder of Ideas Roadshow and host of the Ideas Roadshow Podcast. He can be reached at howard@ideasroadshow.com.

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