Patrick S. McKay

Apr 23, 2019

Healing the Breach

Mormonism, Metaphors, and the Pieces of the Puzzle

Lulu Press 2018

purchase at Patrick S. McKay, an apostle of the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches, believes that the Latter Day Saint movement is fractured. But one day soon, he hopes, that will change. In his new book, Healing the Breach: Mormonism, Metaphors, and the Pieces of the Puzzle (Lulu Press, 2018), McKay has collected testimonies from various Latter Day Saints to reveal the rich tradition of similarity that exists among them. It is McKay’s intent to reunite the Latter Day Saint churches and to prove once and for all that they have more in common than previously thought. Each branch of the Latter Day Saint movement has a legacy of testimony that has been created, preserved, and transmitted since the movement’s founding, he asserts, and by revealing these testimonies, McKay hopes to promote an ecumenical ministry of healing, one that will unify the Latter Day Saint churches and encourage them to see their shared heritage. McKay’s musings are definitely worth a listen.
Daniel P. Stone holds a PhD in American religious history from Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom) and is the author of William Bickerton: Forgotten Latter Day Prophet (Signature Books, 2018). He has taught history courses at the University of Detroit Mercy and Florida Atlantic University, and currently, he works as a research archivist for a private library/archive in Detroit, Michigan.

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