Annie Rauwerda

Nov 17, 2022

Plumbing the Depths of Wikipedia

A Conversation with Annie Rauwerda

New Books Network 2023

In 2020, during the nadir of the pandemic, Annie Rauwerda began posting strange, humorous, and obscure Wikipedia entries on social media. She dubbed her project Depths of Wikipedia, and after several hundred posts on Instagram and Twitter, she began to amass a following of fellow Wikipedians. More than two years later, Depths of Wikipedia has more than one million followers and a touring live comedy show.

In addition to professionally browsing Wikipedia, Annie works with the Wikimedia Foundation on a number of exciting projects. In this interview, Annie describes her spectacular rise to Wiki-fame, her burgeoning career as a comedian, and the future of the internet.

Depths of Wikipedia is a bright spot in our fraught social media landscape. Follow Annie's work on Instagram (@depthsofwikipedia) and Twitter (@depthsofwiki). You can also find her other projects, live shows, and a submission form for Wiki finds here:

Annie Rauwerda is a writer and the creator of Depths of Wikipedia (Twitter: @anniierau).

Caleb Zakarin is the Assistant Editor of the New Books Network (Twitter: @caleb_zakarin).

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