Projit Bihari Mukharji

Jan 16, 2017

Doctoring Traditions

Ayurveda, Small Technologies, and Braided Science

University of Chicago Press 2016

purchase at Projit Bihari Mukharji's new book explores the power of small, non-spectacular, and everyday technologies as motors or catalysts of change in the history of science and medicine. Focusing on practices of Ayurveda in British Bengal between about 1870-1930, Doctoring Traditions: Ayurveda, Small Technologies, and Braided Science (University of Chicago Press, 2016) is structured around five case studies that each describe the incorporation of a particular technology into Ayurvedic practice, resulting in a braiding together of strands of sciences and the production of a new body image. Mukharji develops and engages a number of key concepts in the work, significantly introducing a notion of physiograms (materialized physiologies or materialized body metaphors, a development of John Tresch's notion of cosmograms) and a way of thinking about the braiding of strands of science and medicine. It's a beautifully written and compellingly argued work that will be of interest to a wide range of readers of the history of science and medicine!

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