Adrian Favell

Sep 19, 2022

Quo Vadis Britannia? Where is Britain Going?

A Discussion with Adrian Favell

New Books Network 2022

The United Kingdom has experienced a number of epochal transitions of late, starting with its departure from the European Union in early 2020, and more recently, the replacement of the chaotic conservative leader Boris Johnson by former Foreign Minister Liz Truss, and soon thereafter the passing of Queen Elizabeth after some seven decades on the British throne. In the aftermath of these developments, questions have been raised about the coherence of the United Kingdom, its relationship to Europe, and indeed its standing in the world. Quo Vadis, Britannia? Where is Britain going?

This week on International Horizons, Adrian Favell discusses this transitional moment in British history and more specifically how the changing economy and demography of the UK help explain support for Brexit. Moreover, he challenges the assumption that Brexit support came from “the working class,” as it has more to do with identity politics. Finally, Favell explains the implications of Queen Elizabeth’s death for the future of British nationhood.

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