Weh Yeoh, "Redundant Charities: Escaping the Cycle of Dependence" (Koan Press, 2023)


Weh Yeoh's Redundant Charities: Escaping the Cycle of Dependence (Koan Press, 2023) presents a transformative approach to charitable work. Drawing on his extensive experience in the non-profit sector, Yeoh argues that the ultimate goal of a charity should be to render itself unnecessary. He critiques the traditional charity model, which often perpetuates dependency and self-preservation, and instead advocates for organizations to implement clear exit strategies and focus on supporting local communities to solve their own problems.

Yeoh asserts that success in charity work is measured by the ability to address root causes and sustainably transfer skills and resources to local populations, ensuring they can continue the work independently. This approach is exemplified by his own work founding OIC Cambodia, where he aimed to establish a sustainable speech therapy profession in Cambodia, ultimately handing over the leadership to local practitioners.

The book is not just a critique but also offers practical guidance on how charities can shift towards this new model, challenging readers to rethink their strategies and align their missions with long-term, self-sustaining impact.

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