Sally and Richard Price, "Saamaka Dreaming" (Duke UP, 2017)


In Saamaka Dreaming (Duke University Press, 2017), Sally and Richard Price take readers back to their initial moments of fieldwork and recall their struggles, insights and encounters as they learned to live with and understand the Saamaka Maroons in Suriname. With poignancy and frankness they recount the ways they eventually gained the trust of the people and participated in everyday life. At the same time, this book is a reflective discussion of ethnographic method, and of the role of the knowledge they produced as Suriname began to change. It is also a nostalgic elegy to a place they have not returned to, for political reasons, in many years.

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Alejandra Bronfman

Alejandra Bronfman is Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies at SUNY, Albany.

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