Sam Sommers, "Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World" (Riverhead Books, 2011)


Human behavior is notoriously complex and difficult to predict. For decades, social psychologists have been exploring situational variables and how they impact our behavior. We might like to think that we behave consistently in various contexts, but that turns out not to be the case. In his book, Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World (Riverhead Books, 2011) social psychology professor Sam Sommers writes about how our actions vary depending on the context. He draws on classic and recent social psychology research, as well as humorous anecdotes, to illustrate his points. He discusses a variety of topics, including altruism, self-perception, gender differences, and conformity. The book might help you understand your own behavior better, and respond with greater flexibility and effectiveness in your daily life.

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