Jonathan Daly and Leonid Trofimov, "Seven Myths of the Russian Revolution" (Hackett, 2023)


Seven Myths of the Russian Revolution (Hackett, 2023) is a major contribution to our understanding of the Russian Revolution, from World War I to consolidation of the Bolshevik regime. The seven myths include the exaggeration of Rasputin's influence; a purported conspiracy behind the February Revolution; the treasonous Bolshevik dependence on German support; the multiple Anastasia pretenders to the royal inheritance; the antisemitic claims about 'Judeo-Bolsheviks'; distortions about America’s intervention in the civil war; and the 'inevitability' of Bolshevism. In each case the authors analyze the facts, uncover the origins of the myth, and trace its later perseverance (even in contemporary Russia). To assist readers, the volume includes three reference guides (people, terms, dates), nine maps, and twenty-nine illustrations. The result is immensely valuable for undergraduate courses in Russian history."
—Gregory L. Freeze, Raymond Ginger Professor of History, Brandeis University.

Jonathan Daly is Professor of History, University of Illinois Chicago.

Leonid Trofimov is Senior Lecturer in History, Bentley University.

Polina Popova is a Ph.D. Candidate at UIC (History department) and an adjunct lecturer at Columbia College Chicago teaching Russian and Soviet History

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