Simon Critchley

Mar 7, 2016

ABC of Impossibility

Univocal Publishing 2015

purchase at From its opening fragment on "Fragments" to its "Possibly dolorous tropical lyrical coda," Simon Critchley's new book is a pleasure to hold in the hand and the mind. ABC of Impossibility (Univocal Publishing, 2015) is a collection of fragments and a catalog of "impossible objects": poetry, America, emptiness, indirection, money, and more. Thoughts and jokes and quotes and small essays ranging from one line to several pages are arranged in a sequence that plays with unusual juxtapositions and acts as a form of "counterpoint," riffing on and playing off of the work of Pessoa and Augustine and Rousseau and Blake and Heidegger and others. This is a thoughtful and playful book about time, and the sea, and humor, and loss, and slavery, and the importance of unlearning. Highly recommended!

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