Skills for Scholars: How Can Mindfulness Help?


Welcome to The Academic Life! In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The science that explains our busy minds
  • What mindfulness is
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • How changing our habits is a small-step by small-step process
  • A discussion of the book Bettter Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact

Today’s book is: Better Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact Mindfulness by Kristen Manieri. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for staying calm, centered, and steady―but it can be challenging to remember to stay mindful. Better Daily Mindfulness Habits helps practitioners of any level. Rooted in proven habit-building methodology, the book contains 40 practices designed to orient your attention to the present. In as little as a few minutes at a time, it can become easier to practice self-compassion and connect with others, your work, and yourself more mindfully.

Our guest is: Kristen Manieri, a certified habits coach as well as a certified mindfulness teacher. Kristen believes that when we actively engage in our growth and evolution, we can begin to live a more conscious, connected, and intentional life. She is the author of Bettter Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact.

Our host is: Dr. Christina Gessler, a historian of women and gender.

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