Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov, eds.

Mar 30, 2016

Family Resemblance

An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres

Rose Metal Press 2015

purchase at When Marcela Sulak was planning classes in the MFA program she directs at Bar Ilan University, it became clear that the traditional prose/poetry binary was not going to work. In both her own and her students' writing, there was a tendency to complicate the binary, to produce literary writing that hybridized many established forms and genres. And so there was a real, practical need for a text to instruct from that would define literary hybridity, and model new hybrid forms. And there wasn't one. As a teacher, then, and not just a poet, Dr. Sulak literally wrote the book on hybrid literature, with co-author Jacqueline Kolosov: Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres (Rose Metal Press, 2015).
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