Oded Galor

Mar 22, 2022

The Journey of Humanity

The Origins of Wealth and Inequality

Dutton Books 2022

Nothing has had a more profound impact on the lives of humans than economic growth. Thus, understanding economic growth is, on its own, understanding the essence of humanity. This is the objective of The Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality (Dutton, 2022) by Oded Galor. A fascinating book that explores the universal forces behind economic growth and prosperity. With a marvelous exhibition of historical context, empirical evidence, and theoretical insights, Galor provides a comprehensive explanation of how humanity moved from stagnation to growth.

In addition, building on his lifetime's investigation, Galor provides in The Journey of Humanity a brilliant and extensive explanation of why some societies have been more successful than others in improving the wellbeing of their populations. This explanation, full of historical and anthropological color, is deeply rooted in a carefully crafted exploration of the institutional, cultural, and environmental context that different societies across the globe have been exposed over the centuries.

Overall, Galor’s book is a unique and masterful piece that everyone who is interested in the deep roots of the modern world must read.

Javier Mejia is an economist at Stanford University, whose work focuses on the intersection between social networks and economic history. His interests extend to topics on entrepreneurship and political economy with a geographical specialty in Latin America and the Middle East. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Los Andes University. He has been a Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer at New York University--Abu Dhabi and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Bordeaux. He is a regular contributor to different news outlets. Currently, he is Forbes Magazine op-ed columnist.

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