Alexander Hill, "The War on the Eastern Front: The Soviet Union, 1941-1945 - A Photographic History" (Pen & Sword Military, 2021)


In The War on the Eastern Front: The Soviet Union, 1941-1945 - A Photographic History (Pen & Sword Military, 2021), Professor Alexander Hill has collected photographs from the brutal conflict on the Eastern Front and the extraordinary experience of the soldiers and civilians who were caught up in it. The book covers the formation of Soviet military forces and the conflicts leading up to the war to the final phases in Manchuria. Photographs and captions in the book take the reader from the Nazi-Soviet Pact through Operation Barbarossa to the tide-shifting battles at Stalingrad and Kursk and the collapse of Nazi forces in Berlin in 1945. Each chapter features an introduction along with extensive descriptions of the battlefields, shattered towns, and combatants left behind by two titanic armies locked in a devastating war.

Professor Alexander Hill teaches military history at the University of Calgary in Canada and is an expert on the military and political history of Russia and the Soviet Union post-1917. Professor Hill is the author of The Red Army and the Second World War (Cambridge University Press, 2019); The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, 1941-45: A Documentary Reader (Routledge, 2008); and The War Behind the Eastern Front: Soviet Partisans in North West Russia 1941-1944 (Routledge, 2006).

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