Tim Maudlin, "Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time" (Princeton UP, 2012)


Tim Maudlin's Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time (Princeton University Press, 2012) is a clear, approachable, and engaging introduction to the philosophy of physics that focuses on fundamental notions of space and time. The book expertly interweaves the history and philosophy of science in the course of its narrative; readers will explore the historical development of ideas about space and time in the course of learning the outlines and intricacies of some of the most powerful physical concepts in the history of science. Maudlin is an expert teacher in these pages, using material examples to explain and explore aspects of the philosophy of physics from the geometrical structure of space to the topology of time. Over the course of our conversation, we talked about the place of the volume within the larger trajectory of Maudlin's work, the ways that his experience as a student and a teacher of the philosophy of physics has shaped the volume, and some of the ways that the work significantly departs from similar introductions to the field. Enjoy!

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