Bethany Wiggin et al., "Timescales: Thinking Across Ecological Temporalities" (U Minnesota Press, 2020)


Time cannot be measured in so many coffee spoons, or that is what editors, Dr. Bethany Wiggin, Dr. Carolyn Fornoff, and Dr. Patricia Eunji Kim argue in Timescales: Thinking Across Ecological Temporalities (U Minnesota Press, 2020) Bearing the marks of radical hope and constructive pessimism, Timescales resembles something-like a twenty-first century manifesto. By Writing, righting, and rioting across pages and disciplines, Timescales enters an entangled plurality of temporal streams with spacial scales that push back against discrete, linear time and atemporal perceptions of Nature. The book’s eight chapters are punctuated by three etudes and a coda, brilliantly organized around Western, classical music theory that embraces heterogeneous scales, variations, and changing tempos to explore the various timescales of ecological crisis. In this creative, intellectual space, the text works to acknowledge that contemporary environmental problems cannot be solved in the same language that created them. Instead, practices and performances require thinking beyond the page necessitating perseverance, reliability, open-mindedness, fairness, and flexibility. By connecting critique in this time of great derangement, Timescales takes an imperative risk creating arts-driven, experimental research with necessarily uncertain outcomes.

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