Timothy Nunan

Oct 25, 2011

Carl Schmitt

Writings on War

Polity 2011

purchase at bookshop.org Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) was the author of numerous influential books and essays on political theory, law, and other subjects. In Carl Schmitt: Writings on War (Polity Press, 2011), Rhodes Scholar Timothy Nunan has provided us with an excellent translation of three of Schmitt's essay on military affairs. These essays are relevant from a variety of perspectives. They reflect interwar debates about international law, neutrality, and the League of Nations and so are of interest to historians of the period. Schmitt was also a fervent supporter of Hitler and the Nazi party and so it may be surprising that his influence (note his longevity) may in some ways be increasing. His ideas about what constitutes an empire, his thoughts on "just war," and on war crimes demand our attention despite our revulsion at his political views. For making more of Schmitt's work accessible to an English-speaking audience, Nunan is to be thanked.

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