David R. Slayton, "Trailer Park Trickster" (Blackstone, 2021)


Did you ever hear the one about the elf, druid, and warlock that walk into—no, not a bar—but a trailer?

Trailer Park Trickster (Blackstone, 2021), David Slayton’s follow up to White Trash Warlock, offers urban fantasy alternating with backwoods spookiness. If you’ve thought of warlocks as tall elegant fellows with a British accent and a swirling velvet cloak, think again. Adam Binder is a newly made warlock from Guthrie, Oklahoma, who grew up in a trailer park with a violent father and a chain-smoking mother. After his father’s disappearance and a stint in a mental hospital for seeing visions, Adam took refuge with his kindly Aunt Sue, Guthrie’s local fortune teller.

While Adam, in the first book, deals with an evil spirit in Denver, a dark force is gathering in Guthrie. Trailer Park Trickster opens as he dispatches his first victim—Adam’s beloved Aunt Sue. Adam rushes back to Guthrie for her funeral, and finds his dysfunctional Goth cousin and estranged aunt cooking up meth in Sue’s erstwhile cozy trailer. Things only get worse after that. Adam’s love interest, Vic, a policeman, wants to support Adam through this time of crisis, but instead gets sidetracked in a long road trip with Elf Queen Argent, leaving Adam to try to pacify his crazy cousin, win the trust of the local sheriff, and find out the identity of the dark Druid who’s killing off Adam’s relatives.

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