Jeffrey Kuhlman and Daniel Peach, "Transformative Healthcare: A Physician-Led Prescription to Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of Dollars" (Advent Health, 2021)


Today's guests are Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman and Dr. Daniel Peach. Dr. Kuhlman is a former White house physician. From 2007 to 2011, he served as Chief of the White House Medical Unit, designating him as the personal physician to President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer for AdventHealth.

Dr. Kuhlman is joined today by his colleague and co-author, Dr. Daniel Peach. Dr. Peach, a registered sports medicine physician in the UK, currently serves as Executive Director of Clinical Innovation for AdventHealth. Their new book, Transformative Healthcare, and their unique career paths are the subjects for today’s episode. Their book was published by AdventHealth Press in August of 2021.

Colin Miller and Dr. Keith Mankin host the popular medical podcast, PeerSpectrum. Colin works in the medical device space and Keith is a retired pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

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