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Tyrell Haberkorn

Sep 13, 2014

Revolution Interrupted

Farmers, Students, Law and Violence in Northern Thailand

University of Wisconsin Press 2011

purchase at In a foreword to Tyrell Haberkorn's first book, Revolution Interrupted: Farmers, Students, Law and Violence in Northern Thailand (Wisconsin University Press, 2011), Thongchai Winichakul observes, "Haberkorn writes to prevent the fading of life to oblivion, recounting stories that bring the forgotten back to life." She does this and more. By recalling the forgotten story of farmers who risked and paid with their lives to struggle against repressive forces in the mid-1970s during a period of intense political turmoil in Thailand she writes to refract light from the past onto events in the present. She also raises compelling questions about the meaning of law and its relationship to the violence and impunity that pervade Southeast Asia today. Revolution Interrupted is a study of rare nuance, sincerity and reflection, with much to offer not only to area studies scholars but also to researchers of political violence everywhere.

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