James F. Hollifield

May 23, 2023

The Whys and Wherefores of Migration

A Discussion with James F. Hollifield

New Books Network 2022

This week on International Horizons, James Hollifield, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Tower Center for Political Studies, Southern Methodist University (SMU), discusses the epistemology of migration studies and delves into some of its foundational works. Hollifield addresses how modern migration regulation is related to the invention of the nation-state and how, in order to understand migration, one needs to study imperial and post-imperial systems. Moreover, Hollifield discusses internal migration, which is an old phenomenon caused mostly by the industrialization of urban centers since the nineteenth century. Finally, Hollifield explains the causes of internal displacement and how it relates to migration, by way of a comparison between the cases of the American continent and that of Europe.

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