Victoria Fortuna

Dec 28, 2018

Moving Otherwise

Dance, Violence and Memory in Buenos Aires

Oxford University Press 2018

purchase at Victoria Fortuna's new book Moving Otherwise: Dance, Violence and Memory in Buenos Aires (Oxford University Press, 2018) examines the different ways in which contemporary dance practices have engaged in resistance amidst the political and economic violence experienced in Argentina, from the 1960s to the mid-2010s. Covering performances on the concert stage to staged protests and impromptu movement, Victoria Fortuna brings to light histories of Contemporary Dance that have until now been under-explored. Victoria Fortuna is Assistant Professor in the Dance Department at Reed College. She received her PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University, is a trained modern and contemporary dancer, and collaborates with several dance collectives based in Buenos Aires. Prior to joining Reed University, Dr. Fortuna was a Mellow Postdoctoral Fellow in Dance at Oberlin College.
Sitara Thobani is Assistant Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University. Her research focuses on the performance arts in colonial and postcolonial South Asia and its diasporas, especially as these relate to formations of nation, gender, sexuality and religion. She received her DPhil in Social and Cultural Anthropology form Oxford University, and is the author of Indian Classical Dance and the Making of Postcolonial National Identities: Dancing on Empire’s Stage (Routledge 2017).

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