Volker Berghahn, "Journalists between Hitler and Adenauer: From Inner Emigration to the Moral Reconstruction of West Germany" (Princeton UP, 2018)


What can the lives of journalists under Hitler and Adenauer reveal? How did they navigate the Third Reich as "internal emigrants"? How did the emerging Cold War shape new tensions with their government and publishers? Volker Berghahn examines the lives and careers of three media giants with his latest book Journalists between Hitler and Adenauer: From Inner Emigration to the Moral Reconstruction of West Germany (Princeton University Press, 2019). In it, Berghan's exploration of German journalists' compromises and moral vision for their country illuminates perennial issues around press freedom and the place of media in modern societies. Volker Berghahn is the Seth Low Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University. His numerous contributions to the field have covered the social and cultural history of modern Germany and Euro-American relations. He taught in England and Germany before coming to Brown University in 1988 and going on to Columbia ten years later. A selected list of Berghahn's books includes America and the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe (2001), Imperial Germany (1995), The Americanization of West German Industry, 1945-1973 (1986), Modern Germany (1982), The Tirpitz Plan (1971), Europe in the Era of Two World Wars (2006), and Industrial Society and Cultural Transfer (2010).
Ryan Stackhouse is a historian of Europe specializing in modern Germany and political policing under dictatorship. His research exploring Gestapo enforcement practices toward different social groups is nearing completion under the working title A Discriminating Terror. He also cohosts the Third Reich History Podcast and can be reached at john.ryan.stackhouse@gmail.com or @Staxomatix.

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