Wendy Hasenkamp and Janna R. White, eds. "The Monastery and the Microscope" (Yale UP, 2017)


Wendy Hasenkamp and Janna R. White spent four years editing a series of conversations between prominent scientists, philosophers, scholars of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Dalai Lama, resulting in The Monastery and the Microscope: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mind, Mindfulness, and the Nature of Reality (Yale University Press, 2017). This book presents a record of these conversations, annotated with explanations and footnotes, surrounding topics related to consciousness, the nature of mind and reality, meditative practices, and more. Of interest to specialists as well as general audiences, The Monastery and the Microscope is skillfully edited, drawing readers into the conversation and making them feel as though they are present for the discussion. In our conversation, Hasenkamp and White discuss the processes and special challenges involved in editing a volume with nearly twenty contributors, and they reflect on the far-reaching impacts of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange.

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