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Feb 22, 2022

Will Bunker

Founder of the World's First Dating App, "One and Only", Entrepreneur and Investor

New Books Network 2015

This podcast was first published in 2015. Since then our guest has founded Growthx, Lightjump Capital and SVG Partners. Will Bunker talked to Richard Lucas and Sam Cook. Will was the founder of (currently owned by He is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Richard and Will chat about their philosophies around investing. They discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with people that can bring you new ideas and ventures. Finally, Sam and Will look into analyzing data and its use in predicting startup success.

About your host - Richard Lucas

Richard is a business and social entrepreneur who founded, led and/or invested in more than 30 businesses, Richard has been a TEDx event organiser, supports the pro-entrepreneurship ecosystem, and leads entrepreneurship workshops at all levels: from pre-schools to leading business schools. Richard was born in Oxford and moved to Poland in 1991. Read more here, watch is autobiographical TEDxTarnow talk here.

Sam Cook was the co-host of the Project Kazimierz podcast from 2015-2017

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Your Host

Richard Lucas and Kimon Fountoukidis

Richard Lucas is a business and social entrepreneur who founded, led and/or invested in more than 30 businesses.

Kimon Fountoukidis is the founder of both Argos Multilingual and PMR. Both companies were founded in the mid 90s with zero capital and both have gone on to become market leaders in their respective sectors. Kimon was born in New York and moved to Krakow, Poland in 1993. Listen to his story here.

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