Gloria Coppola et al.

Feb 7, 2023

Women Standing Strong Together

A Collection of Stories with Soul Purpose, Volume II


Life will always bring us experiences and uncertainty, risks, losses - never planned, never found - emotional upheaval that defines what it means to be vulnerable; to break down to our breakthrough. It is here we find the courage to rise up, become our authentic selves and live our purpose.

In this book, twelve women expose their vulnerability, their pain, their truth, their intuitive guidance and insights that led to the courage it has taken to go from the depths of fear, grief, and heartbreak to finding their place in the world. They have come to own their sovereignty, become more empathic, found a new sense of creating a life they love and tapping into gifts that were not recognized prior and found a new vision on their journey.

Women Standing Strong Together: A Collection of Stories with Soul Purpose (2023) is about finding that powerful place within; our strength from our life experiences. It’s about courage in a world where we feel not good enough and giving ourselves the permission to examine our lives, become uncomfortable and step into the fire to grow stronger. The shattered pieces in our lives create the magic that waits for us to claim our power within. When we allow ourselves to surrender to the divine plan great things are illuminated before us and our path becomes clear, we climb higher and our goddess emerges.

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