Writing about Data: A Discussion with Yuval Yarom


Listen to this interview of Yuval Yarom, Professor of Computer Science at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. We talk about how authors interpret the data and the facts, and we talk, too, about how readers interpret the authors' words about those data and facts.

Yuval Yarom: "I like to think that the question whether the Title is boring or not does not affect me, just like I like to think that advertising does not affect me. But, I'm probably wrong on both counts. I do try to read papers based on whether they're related to what I do. But still, papers that are easier to read, or to be precise, that are easier to interpret — these papers are likelier to affect me positively: I'm paying attention. These are the papers that make it easier to relate, easier to understand, easier to see exactly what the authors mean by what they write. And so, the net effect is, everyone has an easier time working with the findings of those authors."

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