Zachary Kramer

May 27, 2019


Why Difference is the Future of Civil Rights

Oxford University Press 2019

purchase at Outsiders: Why Difference is the Future of Civil Rights (Oxford University Press, 2019) by Zachary Kramer sets forth an imaginative critique of the way that civil rights law currently fulfills its mission. Using stories that lucidly illustrate the gap between the aspiration of civil rights law and the lived reality, Professor Kramer proposes a new approach. Drawing on existing protections for disability and for religious practice, Professor Kramer outlines the way that a right to personality, combined with an accommodation-focused inquiry, could update and refresh our approach to civil rights. Zachary Kramer is Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Law, and Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.
Künga Tenje is an independent librarian in Virginia.

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