Zek Valkyrie, "Game Worlds Get Real: How Who We Are Online Became Who We Are Offline" (Praeger, 2017)


Zek Valkyrie teaches at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. His new book, Game Worlds Get Real: How Who We Are Online Became Who We Are Offline (Praeger, 2017), takes readers into the world of electronic games and the complex social relationships that they create. With the mainstream reader in mind, it serves as a primer for anyone interested in the how and why of gaming, as well as a solid introduction to social science concepts generally. The book does not presume apologetics for video games---to be sure, the author takes a direct approach to discussing the myriad social problems inherent in the medium. Along with the many positives to collaborative and competitive online play, major topics include sexism, masculinity, various gamer stigmas, identity formation, and consumption, among others. In this conversation we touch of all of these, as well as the books origins, how the author was able to include student work in the final publication, and his award-winning teaching methods.

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