Shakespeare's "As You Like It" Part 3: the Language


As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most beloved romantic comedies. It is also his most daring exploration of sex, gender, and identity. In the Forest of Arden, Rosalind flips the script of romantic convention and pursues the man she loves — while she is disguised as a man. In this course, you’ll learn the story of As You Like It, unpack the complex games it plays with gender and performance, and hear the play’s key speeches performed and analyzed by world-class Shakespearean actors and literary scholars. In Part 3, Dr. Will Tosh offers close-readings of some of the play’s most significant scenes. You’ll discover how a seemingly “wise” speech can actually be foolish and why Rosalind’s apparently foolish games contain a lot of wisdom, and see how the play opens up the question of who “Rosalind” actually is.

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