Tiffany Stern

Jun 26, 2023

Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Part 3: The Language

A Discussion with Tiffany Stern

New Books Network 2022

In Part 3, Professor Tiffany Stern offers close-readings of some of the play’s most significant speeches. You’ll discover the surprising biblical resonances in a speech by the foolish Bottom and see how the epilogue shifts the play from a story about magic to a magic spell placed on the audience itself. Speeches and Performers: Titania, 2.1, “Set your heart at rest: The Fairyland buys not the child …” (Amanda Harris) Bottom, 4.1, “When my cue comes, call me …” (Dame Harriet Walter) Oberon, 5.1, “Now, until the break of day …” and Puck, “If we shadows have offended …” (Kelly Hunter, MBE)

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