Simon Palfrey

Aug 7, 2023

Shakespeare's "King Lear" Part 3: The Language

A Discussion with Simon Palfrey

New Books Network 2023

In Part 3, Professor Palfrey offers close-readings of some of the play’s most significant scenes. You’ll witness the king and the beggar in the heart of a storm; the naked man and the blind man on the edge of a cliff; and the father and daughter on the cusp between life and death; and you’ll learn how Shakespeare takes us into strange, impossible new places via the words and bodies of his actors. Speeches and Performers Lear and Edgar, 3.4, “Poor naked wretches …” (Michael Bertenshaw) Edgar and Gloucester, 4.6, “Come on, sir …” (Kelly Hunter, MBE) Lear, Edgar, and Kent, 5.3, “And my poor fool is hanged …” (Michael Bertenshaw)

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