Joseph Pearce

Jan 8, 2023

What about Hell?

CS Lewis and Theology of the Afterlife

New Books Network 2022

Joseph Pearce, writer and literary scholar, leads us through CS Lewis’s theology on the afterlife and the meaning of eternity (and what Catholics say about his views). I ask him about Holy Saturday when Jesus descended in Hell, as described in the Apostles’ Creed, and what this event means us considering also the at Catechism of Catholic Church which calls Hell a “state of definitive self-exclusion”, a separation of “our own free choice” (CCC 1033). When, if ever, does it become too difficult for us, creatures with free will who are nonetheless transformed by our decisions, to just leave?

Pearce’s article, "The Mysteries of Atheism" (2013), that we refer to in our discussion, is here. You can find Pearce’s appearance on Pints with Aquinas here.

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