Annabelle Mosely

Jan 10, 2023

Did God Just Wink?

Seeing the Numinous All Around Us

New Books Network 2022

Anabelle Mosely talks about living sacramentally, finding holiness in little things, and seeing the numinous in our daily lives. The Kingdom of God is at hand, apparent in the little affirmations or “signal graces,” as Anabelle says, and in metaphors which are “even truer” than the thing alone. She discusses her recent book, Sacred Braille (2019), about the Rosary, its history, and its sacramental power.

Annabelle Mosely is a theology professor at St. Joseph’s College in New York, an author, a poet (she reads a couple of her poems at my request), a lay Carmelite, as well as a wife and a mother. Also see:

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