Feb 28, 2023

Introducing Measure for Measure

A Podcast Series about Measuring Things

New Books Network 2023

Introducing Measure for Measure, a new limited series from Ministry of Ideas.

We love a good chart or graph but we think measurement is more complex and interesting than data points. In each episode of the Measure for Measure, we look at a different unit of measure as a fundamental grammar of our lives.

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Liya Rechtman is Executive Producer and co-host of Measure for Measure and Managing Producer of Ministry of Ideas. She is a climate activist and Jew about town.

Andrew Middleton is Creator and co-host of Measure for Measure and a Producer of Ministry of Ideas. He is a cartographer, diver, and the founder of Open Dive Sites.

Greg Fredle is Sound Engineer for Measure for Measure. He is a freelance filmmaker and audio producer.

Zachary Davis is Executive Producer and Host of Ministry Ideas, Writ Large and Making Meaning; advisor to Measure for Measure.

Tyler Morrisette is the art director for Measure for Measure.

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