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Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Apr 21, 2022

On Sanctuary and San Francisco Zen Center

A Discussion with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

New Books Network 2022

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel is an author, Zen priest, teacher, divine seer, artist, and Drum medicine woman. Her work has been featured in Essence Magazine, CNN, CBS NEWS, KPFA Radio, Buddhadharma, and Lion’s Roar. She holds a M.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning from California Institute of Integral Studies. She spoke to me from Green Gulch Farm, a Zen practice center within the San Francisco Zen Center. She is the author of “Sanctuary: A Meditation on Home, Homelessness, and Belonging,” out now from Wisdom Publications. You can find her online at, where she has three episodes published of her own podcast, Teachings of the Hollow Bones.

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