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Sarah S. Bush is the author of The Taming of Democracy Assistance: Why Democracy Promotion Does Not Confront Dictators (Cambridge University Press, 2015). Dunn is an assistant professor in the... Read more
Taylor , and you’ll hear some similarities between how James and Astra view democracy and our role within it. Democracy Works is created by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at... Read more
to create a post-Christian “religion of democracy.” The “American Reformation” was the process of moving from Protestant orthodoxy and dogma to instituting the values of equality, liberty, and democracy within... Read more
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi is the author of Using Technology, Building Democracy: Digital Campaigning and the Construction of Citizenship (Oxford University Press, 2015). She is an assistant professor of new media at... Read more
...advances potentially bring considerable benefits to democracy, such as greater participation, more inclusion, easier dissemination of information, and so on. Yet they also raise unique challenges, as the same technology... Read more
In Institutions and Democracy in Africa: How the Rules of the Game Shape Political Developments (Cambridge University Press, 2018), the contributors challenge the argument that African states lack effective political... Read more
...Frequently, the term “the Greatest Generation” is used to exemplify patriotism and self-sacrifice. Digging beyond nostalgic remembrances, Sherrie Tucker‘s Dance Floor Democracy: The Social Geography of Memory at the Hollywood... Read more