A Conversation with Mark Nordenberg: Chancellor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh (Part 1)


Mark Nordenberg is part of a vanishing breed within higher education – a leader who has spent almost his entire career at a single university. In the first of a two-part episode, Nordenberg shares his background and describes his journey at the University of Pittsburgh, beginning with a quick rise to full professor in the Law School, followed by successful stints as Dean, then interim Provost, and ultimately Chancellor, where he served for 19 years. He discusses the challenges Pitt was facing when he became Chancellor in 1996 and how he was able to address these, helping Pitt become one of the 5 leading research universities in the U.S. in grant dollars, and in the process help fuel the renaissance of Pittsburgh from Steel City to a focus on Eds & Meds.

David Finegold is the president of Chatham University.

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David Finegold

David Finegold is the president of Chatham University.

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