Alfredo Toro Hardy, "The Crossroads of Globalization: A Latin American View" (World Scientific Publishing, 2019)


The Crossroads of Globalization: A Latin American View (World Scientific Publishing Co., 2019) explores the complex interaction of several forces shaping the current world economic situation. Alfredo Toro Hardy analyzes the leadership of China and the economic strength of Asia, transnational companies, and international organizations like the IMF as forces in favor of globalization, while populism, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and as part of an anti-globalization trend. By giving a worldwide context, the author situates Latin America as a region that is facing several challenges in order do be part of a phenomenon that is developing with uncertain outcomes. Toro Hardy also provides some of the paths the region could follow in the near future.
Pamela Fuentes is Assistant Professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, Pace University-NYC campus.

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