Geoff Pigman

May 9, 2022

Negotiating Our Economic Future

Trade, Technology, and Diplomacy

Agenda Publishing 2021

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Trade and diplomacy are instrumental to how the modern world works, but trade and diplomatic wars and broader tensions threaten global peace and prosperity. At the root of this crisis, argues Geoffrey Pigman, is accelerating technological change. Negotiating Our Economic Future: Trade, Technology, and Diplomacy (Agenda Publishing, 2020) traces the impact of today's major technological transformations on global trade and the diplomacy that makes trade possible.

In this podcast, Geoff speaks to our host, Leo, about three big topics: how trade and diplomacy works, how technology is changing this, and how trade and diplomacy can help us mitigate today’s big challenges, including climate change and artificial intelligence. We discuss how trade and diplomacy affect each other, and how technology is making that relationship both increasingly significant and increasingly complex. Technology is augmenting companies to the size of nations, digital assets in data and software obscure true trading relationships, and all whilst the nations of the world are required to collaborate on climate change and artificial intelligence to secure a peaceful and prosperous future.

Visit Leo's blog at to read his overview of the book and participate in the discussion, whilst you can find Geoff Pigman on Twitter to receive a FREE copy of the book. Leo Nasskau writes about how leadership can build societies for the 21st century and would love to hear your feedback about the podcast at

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