Brian Clegg

Jun 29, 2017

The Reality Frame

Relativity and Our Place in the Universe

Icon Books 2017

purchase at Brian Clegg is one of England's most prolific and popular writers on science. His latest work, The Reality Frame: Relativity and Our Place in the Universe (Icon Books, 2017), covers Einstein's Theories of Relativity and a whole lot more. Simply as an exposition of Einstein's theories, the book is excellent its beautifully organized and delivered, with Clegg's usual clarity and insight. But what makes the book transcend the usual work on this subject is that Clegg looks at relativity as a concept that can help us understand what distinguishes humanity as a species, and where our species fits into the Universe. Einstein himself would have enjoyed participating in a discussion of this fascinating topic, and may well have shared some of Clegg's points of view.

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