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Kathleen Jennings, “Flyaway” (, 2020)
Flyaway ( is a rich and simmering stew of vivid images, psychological tension, and dashes of horror which conspire to create an original and startling tale. The convoluted and intertwining stories of several families will demand your full attention, as they spiral together closer and closer to the resolution. Our... Read More
S. M. Hardy, “The Evil Within” (Allison and Busby, 2020)
Jim, our narrator, experiences a crisis of conscience in the wake of the possible suicide of his girlfriend. He quits his high-paying job seizing assets for a loan company and moves to a small village near the seaside to get away from it all. With no plans to occupy himself,... Read More
Keren Landsman, “The Heart of the Circle” (Angry Robot, 2019)
Reed Katz is in many ways an ordinary guy. He shares an apartment in Tel Aviv with his best friend, Daphne, works in a coffee shop, crushes on Lee, a green-eyed man from abroad, and dreads family dinners with his nosy mother. Yet when Reed gets on a bus he... Read More
Joseph Rex Young, “George R.R. Martin and the Fantasy Form” (Routledge, 2019)
“In the game of thrones you either win or you die”––with over 10 million viewers per episode of Game of Thrones, one of the most successful television shows of all time, George R.R. Martin definitely wins. The success of the show is even more amazing considering it’s genre television––fantasy, to... Read More
Carrie Vaughn, “The Immortal Conquistador” (Tachyon Publications, 2020)
Ricardo de Avila would have followed Coronado to the ends of the earth. Instead, Ricardo found the end of his mortal life, and a new one, as a renegade vampire. For over five hundred years, Ricardo has upset the established order. He has protected his found family from marauding demons,... Read More
Gabrielle Mathieu, “Girl of Fire” (Five Directions Press, 2019)
In the fantasy medieval land of Trea—a conservative society that despite its worship of the goddess Amur respects her human daughters only as wives and mothers—eighteen-year-old Berona has limited expectations for her future. Securing a handsome husband who will win her heart and teach her to dance seems like enough... Read More
Sarah Kozloff, “The Nine Realms” (Tor, 2020)
Sarah Kozloff does her world building gradually and carefully, introducing you to a few characters you get to know and care for, before moving on to other lands and cultures. The land of Weirandale is ruled by a line of queens with unique magical talents which is granted to them... Read More
Priya Sharm, “Ormeshadow” (, 2019)
A slim volume you can swallow in one melancholy winter afternoon, best with sips of a mellow amber whisky with undertones of peat, Priya Sharm‘s Ormeshadow (, 2019) is more about human beasts than the actual dragon that slumbers under the earth. The fraternal archetypes; the civilized and the wild... Read More
Christopher Brown, “Rule of Capture” (Harper Voyager, 2019)
Donny Kimoe, a wise-cracking lawyer who used to work for the prosecution and has kept his security clearance, believes in the legal system. His work as a defense attorney will change all that. His clients are a new class of criminals—those who dare protest changes in American government, including imposition... Read More