Ryan Wieser, “The Glass Blade” (Kensington, 2018)
Lean, mean, and a fighting machine. That could describe lovely Jessop, psychologically and physically scarred at the hands of a former Infinity Hunter with the catchy name of Falco Bane. Jessop plots her way into joining the all-male fraternity of… Read More
Jo Woolf, “The Great Horizon: 50 Tales of Exploration” (Sandstone Press, 2018)
Hello from Gabrielle at the NBN Fantasy and Adventure channel. This podcast will be about adventure, and what could be more adventurous than traveling to a far-away place thats hard to get to, and even more of a challenge to… Read More
Jason Arnopp, “The Last Days of Jack Sparks” (Orbit, 2016)
A modern morality tale lurks under this fast-paced horror novel. Jason Arnopp‘s The Last Days of Jack Sparks (Orbit, 2016) consists of the diary of a fictional character, Jack Sparks, along with a collection of interviews about him. Additional… Read More
Octavia Randolph, “Silver Hammer, Golden Cross” (Pyewacket Press, 2017)
Silver Hammer, Golden Cross (Pyewacket Press, 2017) is sixth in the series of the Circle of Ceridwen series. It begins by exploring the friendship of two young heirs, Ceric, of Saxon descent and Hrald, of Danish descent. Although the history… Read More
Claude Lalumiere, “Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment” (Guernica Editions, 2017)
Pungently sensual, Claude Lalumiere‘s Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment (Guernica Editions, 2017), is a carnal carnival ride, circling around the central conceit. There’s a city-state by the name of Venera, a place where an opium-like drug called… Read More
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