Nicole Walker, “Sustainability: A Love Story” (Ohio State UP, 2018)
Today, I’m talking with Nicole Walker, who’s just published a new book about sustainability. In fact, that’s its title: Sustainability: A Love Story (Ohio State University Press, 2018). Now if some part of you is groaning at the possibility of hearing another gloom-and-doom sermon about the destruction of the planet... Read More
Megan Burns, “Basic Programming” (Lavender Ink, 2018)
Basic Programming (Lavender Ink, 2018), the latest collection by Megan Burns, is an exercise in balance. Between grief and healing. Between humanness and technology. Between examination and acceptance. Building from her brother’s death and journeying through her grieving process, Burns guides readers into her heart and back out the other... Read More
Pema Tseden, “Enticement: Stories of Tibet” (SUNY Press, 2018)
Though most renowned for his award-winning Tibetan films, Pema Tseden, is also a prolific author and translator. Enticement: Stories of Tibet (State University of New York Press, 2018) is a collection of Pema Tseden’s short stories edited and translated by Patricia Schiaffini-Vedani and Michael Monhart, with assistance from Southwest University’s... Read More
James Rollins, “Crucible” (William Morrow, 2019)
James Rollins’ books are usually categorized as thrillers, but most of them could easily be labeled science fiction. An instant bestseller, his latest novel, Crucible (William Morrow, 2019), is no exception, revolving around the effort to control Eve, an artificial super-intelligence. On one side of the conflict is a secret sect,... Read More
Caitlin Hamilton Summie, “To Lay to Rest our Ghosts” (Fomite, 2017)
An 8-year-old awaits her father’s return from the war. A young man returns home to northern Minnesota for his sister’s funeral. A woman struggles to survive in New York City. Caitlin Hamilton Summie’s award-winning collection of short stories is peopled with characters who leave home, return home, or dream of... Read More
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