New Books Network

David Wheat, “Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640” (UNC Press, 2016)
David Wheat’s fantastic book Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640 (University of North Carolina Press, 2016) argues that the extensive participation of Luso-Africans, Latinized Africans, and free people of color made possible Spain’s colonization of the Caribbean. For Wheat, the history of the region is entangled with older and deeper... Read More
Elizabeth DeLoughrey, “Allegories of the Anthropocene” (Duke UP, 2019)
While the mainstream discourses on global warming characterize it as an unprecedented catastrophe that unites the globe in a common challenge, Elizabeth DeLoughrey argues that this apparently cosmopolitan position is in truth a provincial one limited to privileged circles in the Global North. In Allegories of the Anthropocene (Duke University... Read More
Jorge L. Giovannetti-Torres, “Black British Migrants in Cuba” (Cambridge UP, 2018)
Jorge L. Giovannetti-Torres‘ new book Black British Migrants in Cuba: Race, Labor, and Empire in the Twentieth-Century Caribbean, 1898–1948 (Cambridge University Press, 2018) invites readers to enter the world of empire and labor migration in all its complexity. Giovannetti-Torres focuses on the workers and their interactions with British colonial officials,... Read More
Cécile Vidal, “Caribbean New Orleans: Empire, Race, and the Making of a Slave Society” (UNC Press, 2019)
Combining Atlantic and imperial perspectives, Caribbean New Orleans: Empire, Race, and the Making of a Slave Society (University of North Carolina Press and the Omohundro Institute, 2019), offers a lively portrait of the city and a probing investigation of the French colonists who established racial slavery there as well as... Read More
Marisol LeBrón and Yarimar Bonilla, “Aftershocks of Disaster: Puerto Rico Before and After the Storm” (Haymarket, 2019)
Marking the two year anniversary of Hurricane María making landfall in Puerto Rico, the September 2019 release of the anthology Aftershocks of Disaster: Puerto Rico Before and After the Storm (Haymarket Books, 2019) brings together a collective of artists, journalists, and scholars to reflect on the multiple disasters that have... Read More
Alexander Rocklin, “The Regulation of Religion and the Making of Hinduism in Colonial Trinidad” (UNC Press, 2019)
Beginning in the mid 19th century, thousands of indentured laborers traveled from India to the Caribbean, and many settled in Trinidad. In The Regulation of Religion and the Making of Hinduism in Colonial Trinidad (University of North Carolina Press, 2019)  Alexander Rocklin argues that the beliefs and practices they recreated... Read More
Jesse Cromwell, “The Smugglers’ World: Illicit Trade and Atlantic Communities in Eighteenth-Century Venezuela” (UNC Press, 2018)
Chocolate – nothing is more irresistible for a decadent treat or a rich drink to warm you on a cold winter’s evening.  In eighteenth-century Venezuela, cacao became a life source for the colony. Neglected by the Spanish fleet system, Venezuelan colonists struggled to obtain European foods and goods. But, they... Read More