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Maria Dimova-Cookson, “Rethinking Positive and Negative Liberty” (Routledge, 2019)
Maria Dimova-Cookson‘s new book Rethinking Positive and Negative Liberty (Routledge, 2019) offers an analysis of the distinction between positive and negative freedom building on the work of Constant, Green and Berlin. The author proposes a new reading of this distinction for the twenty-first century. The author defends the idea that... Read More
Manuel Heras Escribano, “The Philosophy of Affordances” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)
Ecological psychology is one of a number of contemporary theories that explains the mind in terms of embodiment and environmental situatedness, rather than inner symbol manipulation by brains. J. J. Gibson, a founder ecological psychology, coined the term “affordance” to express a core concept of the view: as embodied, situated... Read More
Frederick Beiser, “Hermann Cohen: An Intellectual Biography” (Oxford UP, 2018)
The eminent scholar of Neo-Kantianism, Frederick Beiser, has struck again, this time bringing his considerable analytical powers and erudition to the task of intellectual biography. For those of you aware of the distinguished philosophical career of Hermann Cohen (1859 – 1918) and the absence of an intellectual biography in English,... Read More
John Danaher, “Automation and Utopia: Human Flourishing in a World without Work” (Harvard UP, 2019)
The future is a constant focus of anxiety, and we are all familiar with the pressures that come distinctively from automation – the transformation by which tasks formerly assigned to humans come to be performed by machines.  These days, the stakes seem to be higher, as technology now seems poised... Read More
Peter Adamson, “Philosophy in the Islamic World: A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Volume 3” (Oxford UP, 2019)
It is no easy task to survey and present a comprehensive history of philosophy of an entire intellectual tradition to a broad public audience without compromising on the scholarly rigor demanded by that history’s nuances. In an ambitious endeavor to do precisely that with the Islamic tradition, Peter Adamson masterfully... Read More
Adriel M. Trott, “Aristotle on the Matter of Form: A Feminist Metaphysics of Generation” (Edinburgh UP, 2019)
In Aristotle on the Matter of Form: A Feminist Metaphysics of Generation (Edinburgh University Press, 2019), Adriel M. Trott argues for understanding the relationship of matter and form in Aristotle’s work on the model of a Möbius strip. With the figure of the Möbius strip, we can identify two planes... Read More
Christopher Peacocke, “The Primacy of Metaphysics” (Oxford UP, 2019)
A basic question in mind and metaphysics is the relation between the nature of mental content (or meaning) and the nature of the domains of entities and relations to which those contents refer or which they are about. Does an explanation of this relation require us to give meaning priority,... Read More