Clemente Penna

Jan 10, 2023

Urban Economies, Capital, Credit, and Slavery in Rio de Janeiro, 1820-1860

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 2019

On this episode, Martín Garrido Lepe y Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal talk with Clemente Penna winner of the Tamás Szmrecsányi Prize for thesis in economic history of the period 1810 to 1913 during the second edition of the Prize for the best PhD thesis in Latin American economic history, awarded by the Peruvian Association of Economic History, in the VII Latin American Congress of Economic History.

By analysing newspaper, notary books, debt ligation, judicial attachments and bills of exchange registries, Clemente investigates the build up of a strong private non-banking credit market with complex relationships between “the business of slavery”, the property rights, and the access to capital.

The Red de Historia Económica Iberoamericana (RHEI) is an organization that seeks to help in the dissemination of research by young researchers in Ibero-American Economic History. In this space broadcast by NBN Español, we conducted a series of interviews where recently graduated authors present their doctoral theses.

Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Universidad del Pacífico (Perú) and Martín Garrido Lepe, Universidad de Barcelona (España) 

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