Co-Authored: A Discussion of "The Party Decides"


The Party Decides is the most (only?) meme'd book in the history of political science. It's the one MTV called the biggest loser after the South Carolina primary in 2016. It is also a book of deep research, scholarship, and collaboration.

This episode of the Co-Authored podcast focuses on the team of Marty Cohen, David Karol, Hans Noel, and John Zaller. This group came together to write The Party Decides while at UCLA in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The book and other articles by future collaborators, like Kathleen Baun and Seth Masket, has been dubbed the UCLA School of Political Parties. In the episode you'll hear about how this group came together, how they grappled with being bold and being realistic, and how the Nate Silver-effect has changed the course of their careers.

The Co-Authored podcast is supported by the American Political Science Association, the John Jay College, and the New Books Network. This episode was produced by Sam Anderson.

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